Q: What Kind of service is this?
A: We are 3rd party agent from Dellmont VOIP, GLO, MTN, AIRTEL and ETISALAT. We purchase VOIP credits and internet data from them and distribute at a very cheap rate. So you are free to ask their customer care about us..
Q: Which Devices are supported?
A: It can be used in all device including laptop modems, android phones, iphones and iPads, java and symbian phones, windows mobile phones, some blackberry phones i.e Z&Q series.
Q: After I have received my data, I’m I required to perform some configurations on my phone or computer, before I can start browsing?
A: No, you are not required to perform any special configurations on your device.
Q: How do I know if I have been activated or not?
A: On activation, a subscriber receives an SMS notification.
Q: How can I check my data balance?
A: Simple For MTN Dial *461*7# or text Sharebalance to 131
For ETISALAT Dial *229*9#
For Airtel Dial *123*57#
For GLO Dial *127*0#
NOTE: If the USSD code for checking data balance is not responding you can monitor your data using the data usage monitor.
Q: What is the Validity of the data?
A: All data received through our Data resell service lasts for 30 days.
Q: What Payment Method do you accept?
A: We accept cash payment to our sales agent, Bank Deposit, Online Payment Via VoguePay and Airtime Transfer.
Bank deposit can be done via ATM transfers, Internet Banking Transfers,
Cash deposits in bank or Mobile Money Transfer.
Online Payment Via VoguePay can be done With Interswitch, Mastercard, Verve cards, eTranzact and Visa cards. VoguePay is a secure payment processor that uses SSL encryption technology to protect your card information.
Transfer Airtime from your MTN line to 07060642391
How to Transfer Airtime
Dial: *600*07060642391*amount*PIN#
If you don’t have a PIN, use 1234 as your PIN
Dial: *600*0000*1234*1234#
Q: How long does it take before Data is sent?
A: Immediately payment is confirmed and your payment notification is received, it takes 5mins or less before Data or VOIP Credit is sent.
Q: Can I get the Data Directly from Network Providers?
A: No. Subscribing to data from Network Providers follows the conventional subscription method. This service is exclusive to Network Data resellers.
Q: Do you support data rollover?
A: Yes, unused data can be rolled over if you top up your data by subscribing again before your bundle expires.
Q:  If I exhaust my data before 30days, can I subscribe again?
A: Yes, you can subscribe as many times as possible.
Q: If i purchase this data plan can i transfer it to someone else?
A: NO you cannot transfer it.
Q: Is this service a Cheat or Tweak?
A: NO. This is not a cheat and we do not manufacture these megabytes. We purchase these data plans in bulk and distribute at a very low price.

Q Do you provide VOIP Voucher Code

A: Yes; Indicate if you want a voucher code instead of credit in the additional information colum when placing your order

Q. How to Top-up with VOIP Voucher Code

A: (1) Go to your VOIP Provider from your PC or Mobile: example www.rynga.com or www.nonoh.net or www.nairacall.com or www.telbo.com etc. Login with your username and password.

(2) Click on Buy / Buy Credit (For the first time it will ask you to fill in your titles, Name, Surname, address etc. just fill it and click Save/Next).

(3) Choose method of payment, look for Redeem Voucher click it and click Next.

(4) Enter the 16 digital code inside the small envelop, Your voucher code number and click Next.

(5) Finish, you can now make your call.

Q: Do i get refund for data or VOIP credit purchase
A: We only refund clients’ payments when:

  • Network is faulty and data or VOIP credit transfer is difficult.
  • Clients’ send recharge cards exceeding the amount required for the data transfer.
  • Processing the clients’ order takes longer than 24 hours